Increase Home Value and Living Space by Waterproofing

Homes are a large investment, so every homeowner should get the most out of their property. The basement areas of many homes have a large amount of square footage and can provide more living space and valuable storage. Wet basements prevent this type of use and can lead to many other problems throughout the home.

Risk of Mold

Any area that gets little or no sunlight and remains damp for extended periods of time will have a risk of mold and mildew. Homeowners may not worry when the mold is in their basement because they feel their living areas are still safe. Unfortunately air circulation from HVAC systems can pull basement mold spores through ducts and throughout the home and cause the mold to spread rapidly in other areas of the house. Even if the mold is not visible in the home it can still be in the air and causing health concerns. A clear sign of a home that is at risk is one with a consistently musty smell that seems impossible to eliminate.

Potential Wood Rot

Many homes experience wood rot in their basements because of the amount of moisture the wood is exposed to every day. This means that beams and supports could decay and make the home structurally unsafe. Sump pumps and floor drains remove standing water, but do not eliminate the exposure the wood suffers as the water seeps into the basement. Removing the water, preventing more from filtering in and allowing the area to dry out thoroughly is how a professional basement waterproofing stops this risk.

Inviting to Pests

Damp, wet basements are unappealing to humans, but they encourage many other pests. Carpenter ants love rotted wood and are happy to cause additional damage in beams that are starting to decay. Spiders, silverfish and centipedes are just some of the bugs that inhabit wet areas like leaking basements. Unused basements are also the perfect habitat for rodents because they will be able to nest and run freely without interruption.

There is no reason for any homeowner to sacrifice so much of the square footage of their home. Basement waterproofing makes homes more comfortable, cleaner and safer. The investment is paid back quickly through a higher home value and added living space.

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